Ferment Log August 15th – Pickles, tomatoes and bootch

I’m trying something new: keeping better track of our fermentation experiments, both in digital form (here and Instagram) and in a hard-copy notebook. It’s just like a lab notebook or field notebook that I would use at work, but tastier!

I’m hoping that it will be easier to replicate our successes and learn what does and does not work for us.

Ferment start: August 15th 2021
Ferment stop: August 22nd 2021

Two successful ferments! The bootch is not ready yet.

  • The cherry tomatoes taste cooked, which is weird and wonderful! These are tomatoes from our garden.
  • The pickles are very sour, but are a bit softer than we like, and I forgot the garlic so they are missing that taste as well. They come from the farmers market.

I’ve started a new (larger) batch of the tomatoes and will try and make a pasta sauce with it. Truly a slow food, but it will cool to see what we can achieve without applying heat.

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