Bird Buds Winter 2021: Our beautiful avian visitors

It’s Boxing Day 2021 and what a year it’s been! We’ve been very busy with work, surviving the global pandemic, and some less than great news about the foundation drains (spoiler: they failed). Today we spend some time with a camera through the back windows and catalogued the birds we commonly see in the yard.

We are amateurs with bird ID, so please feel free to correct us in the comments.


We have at least four types of woodpeckers, but were only able to capture one today. Typically we see Downey, Hairy, Red Bellied and Northern Flickers…we think.


We currently have Gold Finches and Red-Capped Finches visiting our feeders.


Typically these little birds are out early in the morning, scouring the ground for seeds. They sometimes try the feeders too.


These guys are super friendly and sing us beautiful songs.

Doves (Pigeons?)

We often have a dozen or so of these guys by the feeders in the morning.

Blue Jays

I think the most we have counted in one place is seven individuals.


We have one pair that visits.


A lot more skittish than the chickadees!

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